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Uber Accident Attorney Provides Legal Answers To Accident

Added Date: Jan 9, 2019 | Category: Legal | Viewed: (130) times

We’re with Uber accident lawyers. Uber accident lawyers are los angeles personal injury lawyer. Uber accident lawyers are agreed to answer some questions related to uber accidents for the people who post your questions we will get back to you right in this video. 

If you've been injured in an uber accident you can obviously reach out to Uber accident lawyers directly but los angeles uber accident attorneys are also is going to allow people to post their questions in the comments section below all you have to just post your comment or your question and date or los angeles uber accident attorneys will get back to you with his answers with that said Uber accident lawyers.

Let's go into our first questions this one was from Stephen says do uber cases provide any different compensation levels than uber accident cases well that's a good question uh in california the underlying laws for compensation are no different in a truck accident a car accident a uber accident they are all governed by the same laws ubers do present some different circumstances which actually change the compensation levels we typically see ubers are less stable. 

They're less visible often they're high performance and coupled with a driver being more exposed to the elements they typically result and worse injuries because the injuries are worse the amounts of compensation that we see in these cases are typically larger but other than the amount of injuries the actual laws that govern these injuries are all the same ok alright the next question was from randy says I was hit by a truck while riding my uber. 

I do have minor injuries but it was completely his fault what factors would be considering in determining my compensation well in any uber accident there are several factors that your Uber accident attorneys will want to sit down with you and determine before we can start talking about what compensation you would be able to get from it um the minor injuries you know it is a question is a subjective answer. 

So Uber accident lawyers need to know what he considers minor you know are we talking broken bones and Uber accident lawyers talked and scraped skin you know there's a lot of different injuries that could happen that could be considered somewhat minor um where the injury is all related to the accident is another question was there any preexisting injuries that that were there was there any property damage to the uber was there any missed work. 

The one of the most important question is does he have insurance and did the person that caused the accident have insurance so these are all questions that and there's more that need to be gone through in detail before Uber accident attorneys can start determining how Uber accident lawyers can get to compensation and how much it would be okay all right and the final question we have was from Alex I was hit by a truck while riding my uber oh excuse me I was run one out Alex I was on I- west of town and ended up laying down my bike to avoid hitting a couch on the road. 

I did spend some time in the hospital can I go after anyone for leaving this on the road do I have any recourse believe it or not he likely does have some recourse first he needs to make sure that he calls the police and makes a report of the accident that's one of the most important things that he can do um because we don't know who left the couch on the road. 

Uber accident lawyers would look need to look at Alex's own insurance to see if he has uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage so that under and uninsured motorist coverage comes into play when Uber accident attorneys have a phantom object or a phantom vehicle that causes the injury hopefully he will have that motorist coverage in his own insurance policy then he'll need to make a claim with his own insurance company to get him that compensation for his injuries. 

However he should still talk to an Uber accident lawyers because he wants to make sure he's making all the necessary claims to the ensure his own insurance company and he's telling them the right information so that he can maximize this compensation alright well that was the last question again thanks for watching if you have any questions post them in the comments section below or you can reach out to Uber accident lawyers directly Uber accident lawyers thank you for your time thank you right.

Author: West Coast Trial Lawyers offers a team of dedicated and aggressive personal injury attorneys. We are passionate about our work and are committed to helping ordinary people recover the financial compensation they deserve when they are injured in an accident.
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