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How to Beat Your Competition? - Lincoln SEO

Added Date: Jan 26, 2019 | Category: Internet and Businesses Online | Viewed: (84) times

Hey what's going on my name is Mett I was just doing a quick Google search for construction companies in Lincoln and I notice your company's not appearing this all-important map listing right here.

So I'm making this quick video to show you how you can rank up and secure one of these top spots for your company on these sets are gonna get the most phone calls in the most clicks so that's kind of what the goal is or why we're trying to get there but all in all these companies all highly ranked sites.

Nuclear Networking

Let's see what we got going on here page Lincoln SEO should there's a bunch of ads pretty sure that was on your sets are all going to come in between one two three four eight below it's like four probably but people don't normally search on here.

So it's important to get your company ranked up between one of these pages to get into here because this is where he will normally look but to give the top three of these companies all to come to the strategy to get there and that's exactly Lincoln SEO  is trying to cut off for your company another thing.

I like to point out these companies are nothing special they have a couple their picture than a couple different files but you can tell they're all pretty generally made so something has to be causing this side trying higher Oakland the rest of the site.

And that's actually all behind the scenes with these backlinks have a certain amount of weight and that ends up right in these sites so for the sake of today's video I pull up one of the top companies majestic and then Lincoln SEO is going to run these numbers.

And compared with a site that's lower on down the list the links don't mean the trust will arch never get matter when ranking these sites Google's looking at all these numbers very closely but again the difference in this side and side does Lauren down list talent power in those links.

And how many backlinks are on the trust all is the power behind each one of these links the higher the trust fund more powerful these heads can be and this looks like a lot of links but released at every link was created differently some more power from the mothers in order to be at the top here in need those links to come from those powerful sources.

I like to think of those whole things like a popularity contest Google statistically handout votes to sites that have earned them obviously in the ones with the most votes are going to be considered the most popular.

So let's compare this with the siphon page two that probably doesn't get as many phone calls and his main clicks and you can tell exactly why there's no backlinks or anything going to and that's exactly what the site is Laurent down the list.

So once you understand ladies rankings work it's really going to become scientific Twite need to do to get to the top of the mat all I have to do is beat off whoever's curling the top and you're going to be like everybody else in between the reason why I'm making the city gives me my printer ipe.

We have the skills that it takes to either Lincoln SEO is already done our homework and we've already ranked tons of top sites before right now am I looking to work with one construction company exclusively from Lincoln. 

If you're interested mean that coming to kill for your caller denver late i'm a or you can log on our website is just Lincoln SEO Company calm down in the contact section we're going to drop a couple questions or concerns will get back to shortly thank you.

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